Social Media Set Up?

Ideal for your business if you:

  • don’t already have social media accounts setup
  • have incomplete or poorly designed profiles
  • would like to add another profile
  • need pages claimed
  • want graphics/headers etc. designed
  • need to organise pages account managers and editors
  • need some starter content

Platforms we work on:

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Linkedin

It is important to ensure your Social Media accounts are set up correctly, otherwise you can’t be found or the Social Media provider e.g. Facebook will suspend your account.  Like Google, you need to appear in searches.

Social media set up and management for small businesses

Pricing for Setting up your Social Media Accounts

One Platform setup £110 (eg Facebook)
Two Platforms setup £185 (eg Facebook+ Twitter)
Three Platforms setup
 £250 (e.g. Facebook + Twitter + Linkedin)

Social Media Monthly Management (SMM)

  • Ideal for your businesses if:
  • you wants a more active presence but don’t have the time or skills
  • Are looking for different forms of unique content (video, graphics etc).


  • 1 Blog post per month
  • 15 Social media posts per month*
    • 11 text posts
    • 2 unique graphics posts
    • 2 unique video posts
  • All unique content
  • Royalty free images
  • Monthly reporting

Currently we work on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter

*posts are across up to 2 platforms (eg Facebook and Twitter, or Facebook and Linkedin)

Social media monthly managment
Prices and costing – £450 per month

The content is written exclusively for you the client.  It is based on our research of what gets most engagement within your sector.

We are unable to do specific dynamic posts that relate directly to your business e.g. todays menu, short term special offers, posts about employees or once-off events.  These will still be your responsibility to make sure they happen on a timely and appropriate basis.

Furthermore we do not offer a service to answer comments or questions to the client business. The client must manage this themselves

What is the Service I can expect?

All our Social Media Management services are provided by highly experienced staff who will research and become very familiar with your niche.

You will be assigned a team member to look after your account and not have a different person each month looking after your social media account(s).

Your Account Manager will get to know your business. everything they do is relevant and high quality.oc

If your Social Media accounts are already set up we can work with them, but we may need to make some adjustments to optimise them.


If you would like to know more about our SMM Services, just contact us and we will provide you with a FREE consultation at your convenience.