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Our Goal is to Build Relationships NOT just Deliver Products

We do not just deliver you a product, we deliver you a foundation to build your business on.  We do that by working closely with you to ensure what is delivered reflects the personality of your organisation and is kept relevant and up-to-date.  We therefore have pricing for our digital services and our time to support your business as a whole.

To achieve this level of trust we need to deliver to you excellent value and a greater understanding that your digital presence is an integral, but only a part of what is needed to be successful.  Therefore we will create a unique proposal for you that ensures you remain in control of your expenditure with us AND each step of the way you are getting value for money.

Below we have set out the Digital Marketing costs that would be associated with an assignment.  If we are retained on a consultancy basis this would be costed at fixed price, by individual objective delivery or time and materials .  The model used will be highly dependent on what is required to be achieved and in what timeframe and what option suits both parties best

Digital Marketing

Single Service Purchase or Discounted Packages Available

Our packages offer the best value for money.  We have bundled together services to suit both your budget and your time available for marketing activities.

For those of you who want to concentrate on your core business and maximising the results of your digital marketing efforts, we suggest the GOLD or PLATINUM packages.  You will be assigned a designated account manager and team who will get to know your business well.

Individual service offerings are detailed below the packages.


Silver (DIY) incl. training

Businesses on a limited budget or want to look after their own Digital Presence
£227 / m
  • Free detailed Website Audit
  • PinPoint Solo DIY SEO
  • Talent Dynamics Insights and recommendations
  • Occastional special offers

Gold (DFY) Local SEO

Businesses with local clients who want to outsource their SEO and see results
£577 / m
  • Optimisation of website (month 1 set-up fee is £997)
  • Monthly reports to show ranking progress
  • Talent Dynamics Insights
  • 10% off additional services*

Gold (DFY) Global SEO

National, global or ecommerce businesses who want to outsource their SEO
£1147 / m
  • Optimisation of website (month 1 set-up fee is £1997)
  • Monthly reports to show ranking progress
  • Talent Dynamics Insights
  • 10% off additional services *

Platinum (PDFY)

Anyone wanting to outsource their entire Digital Marketing experience
£927/1427 / m
  • Gold Local or Global SEO Package
  • PLUS
  • Social Media Management
  • Talent Dynamics Insights
  • 15% off additional services*


Service Price Explanation
POA - Guide £1800 for up to 20 pages
Price will depend on complexity. Simple brochure sites will be less and ecommerce or sites requiring integration to 3rd party systems e.g. booking systems will be more. All websites are optimised for search engines.
£225 p.a.
Our premium hosting is on a private server dedicated to PinPoint Local clients. We are very careful which websites we host to protect the security and integrity of the websites. No adult websites, big pharma, gambling or other types of high risk sites will be allowed.
Social Media Set up
£110 - 1 platform
£185 - 2 platforms
£259 - 3 platforms
There is a choice of 5 platforms - FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin. Set up can be part of Social Media Management strategy or for clients to manage themselves.
Social Media Management
£450 p.m.
Service includes blog posts, royalty free images, reporting
Reputation Management
£37 p.m.
Software tool provided for businesses to be able to manage their reviews and reputation feedback all in one place.
£150 per person
£675 for 5 people, plus Leaders report
£997 for 1/2 day team building workshop (after each person has completed their profile assessment.
Team Dynamics is a profiling tool that provides insight into the natural personalities and different working styles within a team. To get the most benefit it is advantages to have all members of a team complete the assessment (leadership and/or operational teams) For 5 or more this includes a complementary report and debrief for the owner or CEO to provide insights into how to use the information to develop a high performing work environment.
Mentoring for Business Growth
What has worked previously is no longer working in the same way. Mentoring to evolve business models to reflect the way businesses need to operate in 2020 and beyond.
Digital Services Training
If you want to manage your own website maintenance, blog posting, SEO and or SMM, we can provide extensive training to your staff to ensure they maximise your digital investment.
Advertising and Other Services
Call us to discuss any other digital or consultancy services we can provide for you. We will gain a full understanding and provide you with a proposal.
Traffic Generation
Click funnels and other techniques to drive traffic to specific pages to engage your prospects sooner. Providing them with making one decision rather than passively browsing your website

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