(for Websites)

Stay safe and have lightning fast speed for your local website hosting.

Hosting is to a website is the equivalent to fuel for a car. Your car cannot run without fuel and your website must have some kind of hosting.  However, not all hosting solutions are created equal. Different providers offer different services.  You can find a cheat sheet for Hosting HERE.

Web hosting is a service that allows for a website or web page to be published on to the Internet. Specialist organisations provide web hosting services.  They provide the technologies & services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet.

Websites can’t run without hosting. What is important to you is the quality of hosting being provided.


Only the highest level of Hosting for Websites is offered to our clients

There are many levels of hosting (Shared hosting, Cloud hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Hosting).  At the lower end you will find your website sharing servers with many different websites offering different contents (you don’t want to be sharing with Pharma or Adult Sites for instance).  You want to be sharing with vetted local websites for hosting purposes.

At Coventry Digital Services we are able to offer you the highest form of Hosting – Dedicated Hosting at a very reasonable price, equivalent to any local website hosting, but much more secure.  This is through our partner company – PinPoint Local.  You will probably not find another local digital services company who can offer you this level of service at the price we can.

Why is Dedicated Hosting for Websites an Advantage?


Your website needs to load quickly: if not, people will click away from your website more often and search engines will rank your website lower in the search results. Thus, slow speed gives a poor visitor


Hackers are a constant threat to websites. They are looking to steal both personal and financial information, or attack the computer and those connected to it. A cyberattack can decimate your records and your reputation.


A ‘sterile’ web neighbourhood is one that is free from undesirable websites. For best website performance, you need to ensure that your website is not sharing servers with porn websites, gambling websites, pharma websites, and "junk" websites etc.


An unstable and unreliable website will not see potential customers hang around, so you can lose business very quickly. Good hosting solutions have multiple systems in place to ensure uptime, and overall stability and reliability.


As our aim is to provide you with more traffic and to grow, meaning you need a hosting server that can grow with you, otherwise speed and stability will be compromised.

Why can we Offer you Dedicated Hosting

Our alignment is with PinPoint Local, who have these services in-house.  They have been offering local website hosting for years.  This allows us to provide customised solutions to all of our clients to ensure their websites operates with Speed, Stability, Security and the ability to Scale.  PinPoint Local are very particular about which websites they are willing to host.  This protects other clients websites from getting contaminated or impacted by other websites that may not have ‘clean’ traffic.



Custom-Manager hosting - Every element of hosting is managed for you

Super-fast Servers - Specifically configured to deliver lightening fast load times

Private server usage limitations

High-Level security - Incl. Antivirus and Malware

Scanning (plus removal) - Your site always stays virus/malware free

Custom-Manager hosting

Firewalls and DDoS Prevention - Protecting your website from Hackers

Continuous WordPress site/plugins monitoring - To keep everything up-to-date

Daily Backups - These is always a safety net in place.

SSL Certificate - Securing the visitor's connection to the website

Content Delivery Networks (CDN)- To ensure web pages are loaded faster

24/7 Support - There is always someone available to help!


If you would like to know more about our local website hosting solutions, just contact us and we can take it from there!