ABOUT Coventry Digital Services

Coventry Digital Services is a Business Consultancy & Digital Marketing Agency

Our team of high-performing specialists are dedicated to helping you build your business. We consistently produce results that exceed expectations. 

We are much more than a Digital Marketing Agency.  The DM tools are how we help you to significantly improve your Digital Presence.  Something of a MUST as we move into 2020 and beyond.  We will all soon see the impact of AI and emerging technologies that will change the way we do business.

What has worked for the last 10 years already isn’t working the same way.  Email marketing, social media, paid Ads are all getting harder to see results, despite the effort clients and marketing agencies are putting in.

We, as Coventry Digital Services are aligned to Entrepreneurs Institute, the largest education providers for Entrepreneurs globally.  They ensure we are kept fully across the impacts that will affect businesses over the coming months and years.  We are currently participating in their training to be ready for Society 5.0, the next evolution called The Human Centred Age, following Society 4.0 – The Information Age.  Society 5.0 is being led by Japan and has been showcased at the 2019 G20 and World Economic Forum.  The world will get a greater look at Society 5.0 during the Olympics to be held in Japan in 2020. 

At Coventry Digital Services we are locally based but backed up by a highly experienced and well resourced international organisation – PinPoint Local. Our Corporate Office is just as committed to helping our clients as we are.

Our team have deep experience and a proven track record in the key areas of digital marketing.  The areas we cover are: web design, search engine optimisation (SEO), social media management (SMM), reputation management, small business integrated marketing support, email and digital marketing.  CLICK HERE for full details on our services.

Coventry Digital Services pride ourselves on increasing search engine rankings so our clients get noticed faster on Google. With our PPC strategies, our clients are able to advertise smarter by targeting customers that are ready to buy.  We are ourselves very strategic and able to implement these strategies for you.

We are also able to work with you to ensure your business is able to handle the increase in business that we expect to deliver to you through our Digital Marketing expertise.  We utilise our very extensive business advisory and team dynamics experience, which we can tailor to meet your specific needs.  

CALL US to find out how we can effectively improve the productivity, profitability and satisfaction experienced your business.  We will help you to make your workplace envied by your competitors and you can become an ’employer of choice’.

Additionally, Coventry Digital Services does not just deliver consultancy.  We work with you to help you to implement any changes you wish to make.  This is based on our years of experience in Organisational Change, honed through working for large international organisation.  We can provide you with tools and techniques to bring in the changes with the least amount of resistance from your staff and customers.

Meet the General Manager and Owner

Gillian has been in business transformation all her (long) career.  Business Process Re-engineering, Project Management and Organisational Change Management have been her key skills which she has successfully applied in senior roles for multiple international companies. 

She considers herself a global citizen having lived on five different continents. Residing in UK, Bermuda, Singapore, Zimbabwe and Australia,and worked in over forty countries.  She is both a UK and Australian dual citizen.

Gillian has owned her own companies since 2005 and has been studying and applying digital marketing techniques since 2010.  She completed an intensive one-year certificate in Digital Marketing in 2017 and has been building, buying and renovating websites since then. 

She is also a qualified as a Performance Consultant for Wealth and Talent Dynamics, something she uses everyday.  Her association with Entrepreneurs Institute provides her with the latest knowledge and trends in exponential growth for businesses.

Gillian B Anderson

Gillian (Gill) Anderson

Our Solutions Specialist

Apart from his extensive Digital Marketing experience, Stephen is a highly experienced business analyst, project manager, risk manager and business process designer. 

He has plenty of experience working in the Digital Marketing industry both working with clients and building a variety of websites including ecommerce sites and doing the search engine optimisation to deliver results.

Stephen is also a highly qualified Business Consultant having worked for the ‘Big Four’ Consulting companies and owned his own Consulting company for many years. 

He has worked in a variety of industries both domestically and internationally,  including Distribution, Banking, Government, Aviation, Insurance and many more.

Stephen’s passion is to work with small businesses to help them really identify what their requirements are and what problems they are solving for their customers.

Stephen (Steve) Baxendale

Back office team providing web design, SEO, social media marketing, reputation management and other support

Our Inhouse Support

PinPoint Local Corporate Office supports us with a large (over 100) team of in-house professionals, many of whom are recognised experts in their field.

This team of diverse skills carry out many of the services we provide on our behalf.  They research and get to know our customers so they are able to provide relevant and insightful information about the business and industry they are in.

Team are organised so there is continuity and the same people will look after our customers month on month, unlike many agencies who outsource their back-end work to other agencies who have rapid staff turnover or non-dedicated teams.

As the Corporate staff specialise in different aspects of digital marketing, they are able to stay abreast of the dynamic industry and changes that are frequently made by search engine and social media provides e.g. Google, Facebook, Twitter etc.  

They also provide the state-of-the-art tools that we use to ensure we are managing your account effectively and efficiently.  Providing us with comprehensive training so we can serve you best.